Professional Social Media Services from Industry Experts

The team at Lambshank are a rare breed – Experienced butchers who also understand marketing, social media and the value of an online presence to a specialist business like yours.

We know it’s not easy to juggle the demands of a busy shop, finding time to keep up an active social media profile can be difficult, we can do this with style, whilst you concentrate on what you do best.

Why Choose Lambshank?

Our team share a wealth of commercial experience running social media accounts, a flair for writing compelling posts that really engage with your customers and most importantly years of retail butchery experience.

Even if you’ve already dipped your toes into Facebook or Twitter it can be hard to maintain a posting frequency that keeps your business in your customer’s minds,  it’s also difficult responding to messages quickly & professionally while you’re behind the block.

Taking pictures, thinking of things to post and then actually getting all this done can sometimes be a huge challenge, so by handing it over to us you get your time back, and a more effective and dedicated management of your social media accounts.


Our Services

We can create and/or manage your social media accounts, help you branch out across other networks & provide professional design services.

What we do

  • Regular social media posting
  • Provision of stock images
  • Respond to customer queries
  • Write content for your website
  • Set up or contribute to a blog
  • Run Facebook advertising
  • Design print advertisements
  • Report on marketing campaigns and suggest improvements
  • Work with you to create a marketing strategy
  • Provide marketing consultation


In Order to keep our pricing simple & affordable we’ve created the following packages, for bespoke packages please contact us below

Facebook Basic £25/month
add additional networks for £10/month

Regular email or 30 min skype/phone call for planning

8 short posts with images

2 Longer posts – news, recipe etc.
(max 300 words & image(s))

Facebook Plus £40/month
add additional networks for £15/month

Regular email or 30 min skype/phone call for planning

Consultation on events, offers, promotions & competitions

Email advice & support

12 short posts with images (stock or own)

2 Longer posts – news, recipe etc.
(max 300 words & image(s))

On Demand Services

Respond to messages/queries £10/month
3-400 word article £10
Newspaper/magazine ad design £20
Social media assessment with development advice £20
Setup any social media account £10
Design & Manage an online competition £30

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